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Football Slide Show

December 4, 2015

Mizzou Football

Aubrey Brown, Writer

December 1, 2015

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“Yes, Maty Mauk is going to have to work harder against Drew Lock for his spot as a Quarterback,”  says Eric Merrell. Here are some of Eric’s opinions, about Mizzou Football. “I thought that Drew lock performed really we...

Upcoming Girls Basketball Season

Aubrey Brown, Writer

November 30, 2015

Filed under East Sports

The Ray-Pec Huskies girls basketball coaches (Coach Miller and Coach Krohn) have just announced the new roster for the girls basketball team. Just recently, current players Aspen Green and Da'Iuana LaMaster had time to answer a few qu...

RPEMS Wrestling

Alexandra Strickland

November 30, 2015

Filed under East Sports

Wrestling season has started here at RPEMS for the 47 wrestlers on the team. The first wrestling meet is on this Monday, November 23rd, at 4:00 in our school’s main gym. These boys and girls have put lots of time and effort int...

More Than Just Flips and Chants

Alyssa Nicholas

November 17, 2015

Filed under East Sports

Every game, cheerleaders are there to cheer on the Huskies as they play their hearts out on the field. Their graceful movements and routines (plus their always pretty faces) get the crowd fired up. They make it look easy, the...

RPEMS Football

Ellie Retter

November 10, 2015

Filed under East Sports

The Ray Pec East Middle School’s football team, The Huskies, have started off with another strong season.  Three years in a row, they have been undefeated.   With this long winning streak, you’d think the 2015-2016 tea...

Chasing Perfection

Chloe Oliver

November 4, 2015

Filed under East Sports

“Football is not an easy sport to play,” Nathan Baer said. You have to be dedicated and willing to put in the time and effort. Like these boys they continue to put in the time and effort for the love of the game. Footba...

RPEMS Volleyball vs. Belton

Alexandria Strickland

November 4, 2015

Filed under East Sports

  Volleyball is not an easy sport to master. For the Volleyball girls at RPEMS, it takes a lot of work and practice.   Everyday, these girls practice and prepare for their upcoming games so  they can succeed in winning. ...

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