Should Sixth Graders Have School Sports?

A sixth grade team posing on there field before a game. It is picture day for school sports.

A sixth grade team posing on there field before a game. It is picture day for school sports.

Lindzi Ash, SMS

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Sports in sixth grade would be great because when I was in 6th grade I wanted to have school sports like volleyball and track, but the school didn’t have them. I asked several people from every grade to see what they thought and they all had some good answers. I then asked if what sports and that made them think. The sixth, seventh, and eighth grade all have very great answers. I asked every kid the same thing. “Should Raymore-Peculiar South Middle School have sixth-grade sports? If not why?” and if they said yes then I would ask them, “What sports?”

These are all the sixth graders that I asked, Zayne Knapp, Coleson Mott, and Kayla Aciego. When I asked if our school should have sixth-grade sports, Knapp said, “Yes, because we could show the school what we’re good at and not be picked on as much,” Mott answered, “Yes, because people like sports and sixth graders are people too.” “Yes, because I know a lot of sixth graders who play sports outside of school and it would be easier for their parents they would be able to have a hobby to do after school.” as told by Aciego. I then asked them what sports they would like to have. “Soccer, football, and basketball,” Knapp told me. Mott said, “Soccer, baseball, football, softball, basketball.” “All eighth-grade sports plus soccer and baseball,” said Aciego.

The seventh graders all had some great answers and the students I asked were, Izzy Campbell, Emma Carter, and Gabby Miesner. I asked if our school should have sixth-grade school sports. “Yes, if they want to be able to do it in eighth grade they should have practice,” Campbell told me. “Sure, because sixth graders don’t get to do anything and it’s not fun because it’s their first year of middle school,” said Carter Meisner said, “No, they wouldn’t have the excitement that eighth-graders have when they get that age.” I then asked what sports they would like sixth graders to have and play. Campbell asked, “Basketball, volleyball, football, and cheerleading.” “Cross country, and track,” Carter answered.

I asked the eighth graders if they think sixth graders should have school sports. The eighth graders I asked it to are, Maely Robbins, Austin Mathieu, and Mackenzie Marsh. Robbins answered, “No, they should be able to watch so that they can learn.” “I don’t have a huge interest in school sports, but everyone should have a hobby to entertain themselves with,” Mathieu told me. Marsh said, “Yes, that way everyone gets a chance.” I then asked them what sports that they would like sixth graders could play. “All sports every other middle schooler has,” said Mathieu. Marsh told me, “Cross country and track.”

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