P.E. School uniforms

Donovan Gicante, SMS

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P.E.School uniforms


Should we have to wear uniforms for P.E.? A lot of students don’t like P.E. uniforms but some like Dalton Mcconville and Jaxon Sloan say “we need P.E. uniforms so our clothes don’t smell bad.” Nobody really likes being drenched in sweat especially when it soaked into your clothes, and that’s why we have to wear uniforms.

Students in middle school definitely like to look and smell good but if you sweat a lot then your hair could get all messed up and you might smell like body odor all day. Smelling and not looking good could get you made fun of or even bullied.

Since we have to change, we have to have a room to change in. So we have a locker room but then we have to remember another locker code and if they have part of the combination that is the same number, it is easy to get them mixed up and that could cause you to be late to your next class.

You also have to change for LTS which barely even sweat in and since we have to change we have to start class later because we have to wait for everybody to get dressed. Jaxon and Dalton also say “we should not have to wear uniforms for LTS.” We also have to stop class early because we have to change after so then if your teacher lost track of time then that could cause you to be late and then you get a tardy because your PE teacher doesn’t write passes.

This is an SMS P.E. uniform. Students have to wear this during P.E. and LTS.

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