Wolves Sweep The Competition

Audrey Mitchell, SMS

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The Wolves defeated the opposition in their first cross country meet. They ran against Smith-Hale, Raytown South, Raytown, and Grandview Middle Schools. They had boys and girls meets, where they both placed first.

Cross Country is not track; it is a sport where you run long distances. You run your course, which is usually the mile or slightly more, and you get your time and what you placed. There are three teams for Ray-Pec South Middle School school: A team, B team, and C team. The order of running is usually the C team, B team and then A team.  There are home and away meets, and they go up against multiple schools at one time. When runners were asked about their favorite thing in cross country, Ellie Barker said, “ I like the different trails.” Natalie Bishop said, “It’s a good sport, it disciplines us.”

The Wolves had their first cross country meet on September 10th, 2018. They ran against Raytown Central, Raytown South, Grandview, and Smith Hale. They had separate runs for the boys and girls. The girls and boys both placed first for A team overall. Boys got first and second in their A team meet. Girls got first and third in their A team meet. When asked if  she thought their team had a good sense of teamwork, Barker said, “ We have a great sense of teamwork, everybody cheers each other on, and runs together.”

The boys got first overall in their run. Derek Nisson got first with a time of 5:55. When asked if he liked cross country, Nisson said yes. Holden Kephart got second in their run, with a time of 6:01. When asked if they had ever been injured, both runners said no.

The girl runners also got first overall in their run. Michaela Duran got first place with a time of 6:39. Ellie Barker got third place in their run with a time of 7:07. When we interviewed Bishop, she said she had a time of 10:15. Bishop said her favorite thing about the run was, “ The course was fun to run on.” The Ray-Pec South Wolves won their first meet overall.

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