Dance is a sport

Gabby Larsen, SMS, Opinion

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Dance is a sport, and it is a sport because it has the same components as any other sport. To be able to dance well, one needs to be flexible, strong, have stamina, and most importantly have a love for what they do. “Dancers are flexible and have to be able to be patient because it takes time to perfect something” stated Lauren Downey.  In any other sport, you need to work hard, and that is precisely what dancers do. For example, most dancers practice between five to 10 hours a week.

Dance is not only physically exhausting but also mentally exhausting. First, there is the pressure to perform. Then, there is also the pressure to remember your dance and get all your steps right. Also, in order to improve, a dancer must continuously be working on their technique so that everything is perfect. As you can see, dance has all the characteristics and is just as hard as any other sport.

Also, with dance, you can express emotions. Dancing is a great way to relieve stress and let you just be yourself. Many dancers and choreographers have been known for incredible emotions and stage presence.  “Dance is an art because you show emotion through it,” says Kaylee Connelly. An example is George Balanchine. Balanchine was a famous choreographer who was and continues to be known for his musicality and expression of emotions.

So, in conclusion,  dance is a real sport because how athletic it is. Chloe told us about why she thinks dance is a sport, “It is as active as any other sport” she said.  Dance is also an art because it expresses emotion. Those are the reasons dancing is a way of showing your feelings and using athleticism.

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