Why Lush is better than Bath and Body Works

Gwyn Hawk, SMS, Opinion

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Lush is a better store than bath and body works. For example, Lush products are vegan-friendly and handmade, while Bath & Body Works products aren’t. On Lush’s website there is a section called Charity Pot which has certain products that if you buy, the money you spent on that product will go towards a charity. At

Bath and Body Works, they give you a choice to donate money which you probably won’t since you have a choice. But if you see a product you want, and the money you spent on that product went to charity, you wouldn’t have to pay more money which that is a better sales technique.

Lush also has a stance on human rights, like right now they are supporting trans rights, and their Charity Pot is for supporting trans rights. Every month they change what the charity pot is for and the topic for their website. Lush also supports non-animal testing which is saving animals from cosmetic testing. Lush is better for people with sensitive skin or feel strongly about being eco-friendly. Bath and BodyWorks are good for people not willing to spend a lot of money on beauty products. Lush is 100% vegetarian.  ”LUSH Cosmetics is an all natural store known mostly for its luminous bath bombs and bubble bars, although they have a lot more to offer. Bath and Body Works is known for their variety of different scents in their most popular products; shower gels, lotions, and candles.  Both stores sell bath and beauty products and are both very well known for that.”

Bath and Body Works, on the other hand, is more affordable. Also, they have more scents and flavors than you could ever dream of.  Some of BBW’s most famous products include their luscious foaming hand soaps, amazing smelling candles, adorable anti-bacterial hand sanitizers, moisturizing lotions, and a lot more. Truthfully, its a blast walking in that store because there is so much to see and smell.”

Lush and Bath and Body Works are both good stores, but in my opinion, Lush is better.

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