Should Tobacco be Banned

Bridget Rauch, SMS, Opinion

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Every time you chew or smoke tobacco you should think about what you are doing to yourself and others. I think smoking should be illegal. Tobacco is responsible for over 480,000 deaths per year in the united states (2016), there are 5 million people who die each year from tobacco-related illness, that’s about one person dying every 6 seconds. 1 billion people around the world are smokers. Most average smokers die ten years earlier than most non-smokers.

Parents some smokers and some not say they would give up their own life for their children but smokers don’t realize that when anyone inhales the smoke, they can lead to serious health conditions. Now some people may not know what second-hand smoking is, secondhand smoking is smoke inhaled involuntarily from tobacco being smoked by others. There are 53,800 deaths including children from secondhand smoking.

I’m not just saying that smoking should be illegal chewing tobacco should be illegal too. There are more than 250,000 deaths in only 2010 caused by chewing tobacco. 62,000 deaths of these 250,000 are due to cancers of the mouth, pharynx and esophagus and other cancers. About 200,000 of these are due to heart disease. It is difficult to cure because it spreads fast. If you have been chewing for over 6 or 7 years, you will most likely get cancer if this is not caught right away this will lead to surgery and taking out part of the mouth, jaw, and tongue.

The average age for someone to start smoking is 13, 90% of most teens start smoking before age 18. Most smokers try to quit smoking between ages 20 to 44. Now you may think if you stop smoking between that age group there won’t be any health conditions may be just a little cough. Even the smallest amount inhaled or chewed has been proved to cause cancer and other serious health conditions. Anyone who habitually smokes just one cigarette a day is nine times likely to die from lung cancer as a nonsmoker, and even if they quit at age 50, you still have a 44% increased risk of premature death. As I end I want you to think about how many diseases are caused by smoking there are more than 16 million diseases.

Over 20 million Americans have died because of smoking since 1964 including about 2.5 million deaths are caused by secondhand smoking. 8.6 million people live with a severe illness caused by smoking.  We don’t realize how many deaths there are from tobacco products now you do know.


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