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My Opinion of Sphinx cats

Givia wells, SMS, Opinion

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My opinion of this cat is that they are very cute and soft. All though these cats are very hard to care for its all worth it in the end. What you have to do to take care of these cats is you have to wash them at least once a week and CAN NOT use regular shampoo or conditioner. You have to get special shampoo for cats. I think these cats are cute and unique from any cat that there is. Here is a link to a website to find the fact about them.

The bad things about these cats are that they are very expensive. They also produce lots of oils. And because they have no fur, then they just shed oil. So that’s why you have to shower them every week. Or maybe even twice a week.

Some good things about this cat are that they are very cuddly. They are also fun to look at because of their lemon shaped head and big eyeballs. I think their tails remind me of little rat tails. Here is a list of the most expensive cats in the world. 

  • Sphynx 
  • Russian Blue
  • Peterbald
  • Persian cat

Every day you have to rub a cotton ball around their face so that the oil on there face does not get everywhere. And I think that they are way to expensive for a cat. I think that they should be like $200 or $300 around that price range. The Sphynx breed originally came from Canada. In 1966 in Canada.

The cat is not completely hairless. The cat has some hair like fine fuzz, or you could call it peach fuzz.

They do enjoy snuggling. They are very warm and soft to pet. I think that the cats are a little harder than a regular house cat. But it is definitely worth it to me.  So my opinion on this cat is that they are cute cuddly warm, way too expensive and hard to take care of but if you’re a excellent caretaker, then you would love this cat.


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My Opinion of Sphinx cats