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About The Common Cold

Kaitlyn Smith, EMS

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Close your eyes and imagine you have a cold. No not like your cold and your need to warm up, the other type of cold when you have to stay home and lay in bed. Now I know what you’re thinking. yuck right?  Here’s the science behind the common cold and ways to prevent from getting sick.

Firstly, the science behind the common cold. The common cold is a representation  of the molecular surface of one variant of human rhinovirus. The common cold, also known simply as a cold, is a viral infectious disease of the upper respiratory tract that primarily affects the nose. It’s basically an infection  at the back of the nose were the nose and throat meat. That’s why you feel a “tickle” at the back of your throat.

The most common symptoms of a colds are mild viral infection of the nose and throat. The  symptoms can  include sneezing, sniffling, a running or blocked nose, a sore throat, coughing and a headache. But there can be many more symptoms.

Theas are some helpful tips that will  help you stay cold free this year. Don’t touch something then touch your nose, mouth, or eyes. This will prevent the virus from getting into your nose and making you sick.  Next wash your hand before you do stuff examples: Eat, play with little kids, and deal with medicine. Lastly stay away from sick people that appear or are sick.

Why it’s important to take medicine when your sick? “I Hate taking medicine.’ Says seventh grader Kate Barber. But it’s important to take medicine  because it helps fight off the virus that you have.  Hear are some medicines that are safe for you to take when you catch a cold; gargle salt water, drink lots of water, rest, nasal drops or nasal strips, ibuprofen, warm liquids (soup), add moisture to the air, and over the counter cold and cough medications. There are plenty more techniques you can use  these were only a select few.

Atlas that’s all i know about the common cold. The science behind illnesses can be so amusing . there’s so much more on this topic that you can research about. Hears one last fact 48 million people get sick a year.   

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About The Common Cold