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Why do we Have Dress code?

Kennedy Varner, EMS

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We all know that we spend time to pick out the perfect out fit out too wear to school, we just need to spend a little more time making sure its dress code appropriate.

Why do we have dress code? We have dress code because it helps keep us safe and makes sure nobody is distracted and we have a safe learning environment. People could be distracted if someone is wearing something that is too revealing, or distracting.“ I don’t think that we should have the no shoulders rule.”  said Ella Means

Bigger rules that should be enforced more are ripped jeans, cropped shirts, and short shorts, but these rules can be debated. These are the most broken rules, because they are the easiest to break and that is just the fashion trends outside of school which makes us want to wear them. “ We should be able to wear jeans with more rips as long as they don’t show any undergarments.”said Alexa Youngs.

Some of the more summer rules are short shorts that don’t go past your fingertips, shoulders showing, collarbones showing,  and tank tops that don’t have a thick enough strap. Some of the winter dress code violations are ripped jeans with rips above the knee and off the shoulder tops.“ Our school should enforce more on crop tops, Because more and more girls are getting away with wearing them.” said Tia Storms

Consequences for breaking these rules would probably be a  office referral with contacting the guardian of the student and you will have to wear your gym clothes.“ first, they should get a warning , second they should get a call home, and then they should get a detention.”said Alexa Youngs


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Why do we Have Dress code?