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Wonderful Snow Days

Joanna Wood, EMS

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            Have you ever sat at home on a Wednesday, and not gone to school because it was snowing? Well, if you have you know it’s nice not being at school but it really boring at home because sometimes the power at your house might go off. Here are so great ideas that you could do, even without power.

               Well many people hate snow but if you dont  you could go outside with you friends or siblings and make a snowman, have a snowball fight or my personal favorite, make a snow igloo.  If you don’t like snow you could play board games inside with your family or make some popcorn and curl up in your bed with your favorite book and relax.

             You know, I don’t have every siblings like me this is for you these are some ways you could have fun on your own. One way you could have fun by yourself is you could go sledding down a steep hill. Another thing you could do is build a fort. You could color a picture. You could also paint your fingernails (if your a girl).  I saw this really cool thing one a website that looks like fun. What you do is get 8 glasses and fill the first one with water barely to where you can barely see it. Then as you go keep filling it up until the last one is almost over flowed. Then hit the top of them with a pencil and as you go down the line the and the pitch will get lower the more water is in it.  

               Well, I don’t know about you but my mom is a baking fan. If yours is to, you could ask your mom or dad if you and her could bake some cookies, a cake, or anything you want. She could also make you some hot chocolate. If it december and the time you put up your christmas tree you could help your mom do that, that’s my favorite thing to do inside.

              Lots of people don’t like snow like Riley Hammond and that 100 percent normal. Those of you that do and maybe some of this will be useful if you don’t like snow. There are some places that are really cool to go to on a snow day and you don’t have to walk you can use any type of transportation, but you could go see the christmas lights and drive around with you family. You could also drive up to Crayon Center and go ice skating like Kaitlyn Smith did.

           There are are so many things to do and places to go on a snow day. Another awesome thing about snow days is no school and that’s the best part. So next time you get bored on a snow day, come read this.

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Wonderful Snow Days