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Middle school daily life

Jack Green

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With two middle schools now stuff has changed a lot from new sports rivalries and friends going to different schools. Now the sixth graders  joining the middle schools now all the classrooms have had to move and the middle schools are a lot more crowded from my experience it’s kinda hard to get to class with all the kids going to there classes. And all the school activities like the school plays and clubs and choir kids get to go to the mavericks game this year and lots more.the lunch choices are a lot more different this year, the quality of the food is way better than the other schools.

This year we have way more decisions to make at lunch like picking where to sit or what snack to get. And there has been new seating arrangements in the lunchroom, the blue side is right when you walk into the lunchroom that’s it and the white tables are at the back. And from my experience it takes forever to get my lunch and for other people to. And now since people are cutting in line people have to line up in alphabetical


The school football team had a great year this getting 5 wins and 1 loss losing to south. Now that football this year is over the 7th graders will be responsible for the football team. Chase roy says “i’m going to dominate next year”. And it looks there going to be some good football players next year. Warren brundage says “ i love the football team”. And it looks like every has a positive feeling about the football team

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Middle school daily life