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High School Musical Play

Gracee Lewis, EMS

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The eighth graders at RPEMS been working so hard and practicing a performance for our East Middle school Huskies. It all started when they auditioned in their seventh grade year. They started in theatre then after school they all auditioned for the characters including Gabriella, Troy Bolton, Sharpay Evans, and even the extras.



   By their eighth grade year they had enough time to practice their scripts and enough time to run through their show and fix all the things they are getting wrong.

Finally they agreed to perform their first to the seventh graders. We all went into the Flex Theatre and watched the performance. And wow… It was Amazing! They showed great character along with strong acting.  



    The performance was all and great but they did make a few mistakes in the mean time. But they did make mistakes such as forgetting some lines, The sound was a little glitchy, but otherwise the performance was great! The things I thought they did great on were the singing scenes. They all had talented voices.


      These upcoming seventh graders at Raypec East middle school will be attending another performance for high school musical. And surely it would be just as good as the last ones! Maybe it’ll even pass down from ours again too. And the next one, and the next one.


  How do you know what character best suits you? Do you like lots of speaking parts?

Do you like a lot of blocking parts? Do you want to be a guy? Or do you wanna be a girl? If you like blocking I think the extras are best for you. Including Troy’s Best friend for Gabriella’s best friend for just one of the back state managers will do too.


   If you are a girl that wants lots of acting scenes then I think Gabriella for Sharpay Evans is best for you. If you are looking for a guy with lots of speaking parts then Troy is the best for you. Same for blocking if your not really sure surely you’ll find out attending your own performance someday! Good luck.



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High School Musical Play