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The New Trends of 2017!

Peyton Koper, EMS

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Girls of RPEMS, do you like the Vera Bradley Lanyards, the ripped jeans, and the fabulous Kendra Scott necklaces?  Boys of RPEMS, do you like the athletic tights, Nike Airs, fidget spinners? Well, those new things seem to be the real deal of 2017! At Ray Pec East Middle School, I have noticed that all of these cool things are very popular. Now, what do you think about them?


             Alright girls, we all know that American Eagle is the center of our universe. I have seen around the school ripped jeans, cute sweaters, and shoes. I asked one of my fellow friends, Mackynzie Jones, what she thinks about the new style, “ I love the new style. I think the new outfits are very cute and fashionable.’’ I agree with Mackynzie. For now, American Eagle will always be apart of a girl’s heart. Let’s move on to the Kendra Scott necklaces. Every girl dreams of having the shiny diamond wrapped around their neck. Each year Kendra Scott Company makes 25, 720.00 dollars a year just on necklaces! Thats pretty cool!


Now, I don’t know much about boys, but I do know that shoes are definitely something to talk about. The awesome Nike Airs, Jordans, Adidas, and much more are making their way around the school. Also, I have seen the athletic tights really catching the boy’s attention.  Jack Green, a seventh grader at RPEMS commented on the new trends, “ I like the athletic tights a lot. Us boys think they are pretty cool.’’ I am sure that a new invention of athletic clothing will creep around the corner soon.


Let’s talk about the new trends of social media. On Instagram, slime is taking over the universe! There are tutorials, hacks, and challenges. Alexa Youngs was able to give me her opinion on slime, “ I see a lot of videos of slime on Instagram. They are really satisfying to watch.’’  In 2017, an Instagram user made 3,000 dollars just for selling her slime. I wish I could make that much money off of slime!


     Okay, now we haven’t talked about what is popular at school, specifically clothes. Girls are starting to wear flannels, cardigans, and ripped jeans. Ugg boots are also making their way into our lives of today. I have also noticed girls wearing high socks with sneakers, which in my opinion, is pretty sweet. Tia Storms commented on the new trends, “I love the high socks! They are super comfy and plus, they look cool.’’ Boys however, are wearing their hair in ponytails, and slicked back. Also, I have witnessed them showing off their new jeans, basketball shoes, and Nike shorts. RPEMS has a pretty high fashionable status.


      The new trends of 2017 have really made an impact of society. People are defiantly showing off their personality with the new trends. But, I am positive we will definitely see something new come around the corner next year.

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The New Trends of 2017!