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2017 New Trends!

Mackynzie Jones, EMS

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There are tons of trends going on right now that everyone is craving. The Kendra scott necklace , ripped jeans, and Vera bradley lanyards  are some, 2017 has encountered this year. Girls have been leaning towards the kendra scott necklace, Vera bradley lanyard ,and ripped jeans and the boys are leaning towards the athletic tights and nike air’s. RPEMS and RPSMS have all kinds of trends floating around their school. So let’s see what you guys think about them?


We all know that every girl is dieing over the kendra scott necklace or the Vera bradley lanyard and American eagle clothes. Every girl has at least once been in American eagle. American eagle in the clothing store that is in every girl’s universe is going around. Also the Kendra scott necklace is growing and growing every day. Kendra scott is a necklace brand that not little people knew about until everyone started to get them and now they are a brand that everyone knows about. The Vera bradley lanyards also have been taking over the schools. Ever since the schools got idees every girl has been fighting with someone at home to take them to vera bradley so that they can get the trending Vera bradley lanyard. I mean everyone fights to wear one. So after the kendra scott necklace, American eagle, and Vera Bradley lanyard the boys are probably wondering what is trying trending for them?


So boys are you wondering what’s trending for you? Well I have so trends that I got from some boys that they think are some trends going around the school for boys right now. Logan Wilson said that the shoes “Jordans,KD’s, and adidas NMD’s”. IF you are wondering what these shoes are, mostly girls, Jordan’s, KD’s and adidas NMD’s are the shoes that boys are saving up money for or fighting with their parents to get them. So boys are craving over the athletic tights. Boys always where short even in the winter time with athletic tights under them. Athletic tights, for the girls again, are kinda like are legging we wear but more strength and they keep them warm on day’s that are like 29 degrees outside. So what are some things going around our school that boys and girls think are trending?


So when we walk down the hallway we see girls and boys wearing ripped jeans, sweatshirts, and sweatpants. There is a new trend that is going around that girls and boys are wearing sweatpants and lose jackets to school. This might sound crazy but it is spreading all around our school that boys and girls are wearing PJ’s to school. Boys and girls, even teachers are wearing ripped jeans, I don’t know how they became a trend but whoever did it everyone is probably saying thank you because you brought it back. Also slime has been eating up the internet with slime accounts and challenges. There are some many different types of slimes, like the iceberg,fluffy, glossy, and so much more! So what are some trends that the kids at RPEMS think are some trends going around school?


So ripped jeans, kendra scott necklaces, athletic tights, Adidas NMD, Vera bradley lanyards and sweatpants are trends that I think are going around the school, so now it is time to see what some of the students at RPEMS think of some of the trends going around school. I ask a few students what they think are some trends that are going around school. Caterina said”  Ripped jeans, lanyards and  Kendra scott necklace                                                                                “. I agree and I also see that trend a lot in the hallways at RPEMS. The Kendra scott necklace  is one of the most popular trends I have seen this year at school. I also ask Rinna Goodson that what are some of her favorite trends in the year 2017. Rinna said “                             mostly the nike headbands“. Those are some of my favorite trends this in 2017 but my most favorite one is the Kendra scott necklaces. Also there is a trend that is going all over the internet called the wavy lip/eyebrows that are now turning into a challenge. So I ask Emma Zeysing about what she thinks about the wavy lips/eyebrows and she said “                   she thinks they look like caterpillars “.I like them because I think it has came a long way and has been all over the internet for a short period of time and people are all ready craving over it. I asked them one more question about the slime craving on the internet and what they think about it. Catrina said “Loves slime and makes it all the time                                                 “. Emma Zeysing said”She likes the fluffy crunchy and glossy slimes “. And last Rinna Goodson said”I have never made slime but I want to try it   “. So they all have different opinions about slime. I like slime but sometimes it can get annoying because of the slime on clothes not getting out and the slime in hair and getting your haircut just because of some slime stuck in it.


So we have talked about every trend that kids think are trends but what are their favorite trends. Rinna’s top 3 favorite trends are.”  1.Ripped jeans      2.  Nike headbands                3.Kendra scott necklaces “ Emma’s are “1. Ripped jeans    2.leggings 3. uggs .And last is Caterina favorite 3 trends “ 1.ripped jeans 2.sweaters 3. Cardigans “. So what are some of yours guys favorite trends this year 2017?


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2017 New Trends!