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Christmas Break

Emma Short, EMS

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Christmas Break

Do you have fun Christmas traditions that you do every year? Well, I have some, and I also had something happen that hasn’t happen any other Christmas before.

I was waiting in school on a friday, and it was a early release, it was the last period of the day and we had one minute left. I was sitting at my desk, tapping my pencil until the bell rang. Then, finally, the bell rang “bing, bong bing, bong!” Everyone jumped out of their seat before the teacher even had chance to dismiss them. They were so excited when the bell rang. They were all out of the classroom before you could even imagine it. There we papers all over the floor and the school was empty, everyone was going home for christmas break. The school’s Christmas break was 2 weeks long.

I had went outside to go home, but then I had to go back inside to my locker, and I was running quickly down the halls, and I slipped on a piece of paper, and it started turning red, and i ran carefully to the nurse to see if she was still there, and luckily she was. My arm was turning even more red, and purple. She called my mom, since I was late for the bus. I told the nurse it felt like my arm was broken. So, when she called my mom she said she would take me to the doctors office. While, we were waiting for my mom to come to the school to pick me up, we started talking about what we were going to over break, She said “I am going to see Christmas in the Park tonight.” I told, “Have Fun, I will be over at home with a hurt arm. So we saw my mom pull up at the school’s front door. I waved goodbye to the nurse. “Have a good Christmas.” she said. I got into the car and my mom drove me to the hospital.

A little while later we came out of hospital, and they said I had a broken arm. I was pretty bummed, but oh well. We drove home, and it was about a 30 minute drive. I fell asleep in the car because i had a long day. A while later we were home. I went to show my family my cast and they all signed it. I kind of liked having the cast after all, because I could draw on it and people can sign their names on it. So, that night I went to bed. Everyday for the next couple days, I kinda did the same thing each day. Until Christmas eve. I woke up christmas eve morning. We made christmas cookies, and hung out with family and I had 3 friends over. Haleigh Gordon, Taylor Vandegrift, and Camri Houx. We were all helping my step-mom Erica prepare for Christmas Eve dinner. I asked all of my friends what their favorite christmas dinner was, and haleigh said, “Mine is, Ham.” Camri said, “Pumpkin pie and turkey.” And Taylor said, “Mashed potaters.” I told them that mine was ham. After we got done helping making the food we made some popcorn and went to the couch and looked for a movie to watch. We couldn’t decide what movie to watch. I asked Taylor what her favorite christmas  movie was and she said “Elf.” Everyone said that they liked that, so we watched it.

After the movie ended, we got bored and we didn’t want to watch anything anymore. So we went and told my dad that we were bored, and he said we could go to Christmas in the Park. We all said that we wanted to. We were all excited. We also all decided that we were gonna wear our onesies. It was 7pm, and we were gonna leave at 7:30pm so we could get there at, at least 8:15pm. We were getting ready to go, and then we put on some music while we were waiting, and then about 25 minutes later, my dad yelled and said it was time to go. We all ran to the car. WHile we were in the car driving. We were asking each other questions, I asked them if they ever go on any fun trips for christmas, and Haleigh said “Yes, to Texas.” and i told her, that’s fun.

We were almost there, and I asked my dad if we can get a shake from McDonalds since we were about to pass it. We got, a couple minutes later, we all got chocolate shakes. About 10 minutes later we were in the line for christmas in the park, my dad said we would be in a line for  at least 15 minutes. There were christmas lights and decorations set up in the grass next to the line. We were on our phones for a little bit, and then I looked up and yelled “Were here.” There were so much lights at christmas in the park, it was unbelievable! There were so many different kind of lights, like, santa’s, reindeer, snowmen, and just other kinds of objects. So, about 10 minutes later. We were done, and then we left.

When we got home, my friends waited for their parents come to pick them up, since the next morning was Christmas. It was about 9:30pm when we got home, I was ready to go to bed since I had to wake up early in the morning for christmas present opening, I couldn’t wait! So, I got in my bed and turned on the t.v so I could watch it before bed. I watched t.v for about 1 hour and then I was done, and went to sleep.

The next morning when I woke up, we were all in our pajamas, and we went to go take a pic in front of the tree before we opened all of the presents and there was wrapping paper everywhere. I got almost all of the stuff I had asked for, and so did all of my siblings. After we got done opening presents we took them all to our rooms, and could open them later. For now, we picked up all of the trash and took it out to the trash cans. A little while after we did that, we sat down and ate the christmas brunch me and my friends had prepared before we went to go see lights yesterday. I had a very great christmas with my friends and family.


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Christmas Break