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Lunch Time Rules

Sophia Garcia, EMS

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        Students should have a longer lunch time. Some students take a while to eat if they have a larger lunch. Plus it takes a while to wait in the line it could take up to 5 minutes! Sometimes if students talk then that is their own fault.

     Kids could get sent to other classes because of their behavior, and then the teacher might forget about them and leave them there. Now that student would already lose time then wait in line. If we make longer lunch then we will have to change the classes as well. It would be a little more work for the lunch monitors but that’s okay.

     On warmer days we could eat on the tables outside. It would be a great way for kids to get fresh air. Avery Raymond says”,We don’t have recess so it’s a nice way to get outside.”We should also get to sit wherever we want. Not with the blue,grey,and white sections. Therefore we could sit by any of our friends. Avery Raymond also thinks that,”we should get rid of the sections because some of my friends sit in the other sections and it makes me sad.”

     Let’s talk about food. Do you think that it is unfair that you can only get four smiley fries? If you answered yes to that question then I agree with you.”We should totally get more than 4 fries were 13 and we eat a lot,” says Maleah Nickels. We also only get 8 regular fries, that’s like a Mcdonald’s happy meal! C’mon we’re 12 and 13 we eat way more than 8 fries?

     We also have to pay 2$ for another slice of pizza, And we all know our parents are paying for our lunch. I’ve noticed that the lunch ladies do work hard, And they probably don’t want to cook a lot more food so that is why they put limits on things. This is just some stuff to consider. So next time you’re in the cafeteria see what you notice.


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Lunch Time Rules