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Winter Break

Carter Collison, EMS

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Imagine this, You wake up at 8:30, not knowing why your alarm clock or parents didn’t wake you up. You look out the window and see tons of snow falling from the sky and you realize… it’s winter break.

There are multiple things that happen during winter break, probably the most popular thing is Christmas. There is also no school for a week and a half. New Years Eve also takes place during winter break. And sometimes, if we’re lucky, it’ll snow. “My favorite thing about winter break is no school.”quotes everybody I asked this question to. There are lots of other things people do during winter break. “I think the best way to spend winter break is with family.”says Ronald, a 7th grader.

Multiple things take place on Christmas Eve/Day, but I think everybody agrees that the best part of christmas is opening the presents. “My favorite thing to do on Christmas Eve/Day is opening presents because I get a ton of free stuff” quotes Gavin, a 7th grader. Some people decide earlier in the month to put up the christmas tree or to put up the christmas decorations and lights on Christmas Eve! Being with family is also one of the best parts of the holidays. You get to see your relatives and just have a great time catching up during christmas dinner.

“FIVE! FOUR! THREE! TWO! ONE! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!”. Im sure youve all heard that before. New Years Eve is the last day of the year where everybody stays up till midnight and watches the Ball Drop that happens in New York City. Those who aren’t able to make it to New York can watch it at home or wherever there’s a TV. Some people host parties with friends, some people have the whole family over to celebrate. There are multiple New Year’s Eve traditions that people perform. “Something me and my familydo on new year’s eve is to buy a lot of stuff.”quotes Hayden, a 7th grader. Probably the most famous tradition is creating New Years resolutions. You think of something that you want to improve on and set it as a goal for the upcoming year. But sadly, according to the huffington post, only 8 percent of people actually keep their new year’s resolutions.

Lots of people spend their winter breaks on vacation. Vacations are one of the best ways to spend a break. I remember one year where I went to Colorado and went skiing with my grandparents and parents. “My favorite place i’ve visited during winter break is Florida” says Hayden, a 7th grader. “It’s always nice to get away and spend time with those love.”

It rarely snows in our part of Missouri, but when it does, there’s sure to be lots of fun. One thing to do in the snow is to make a snowman. First you roll up the bottom, then the middle, and finally the head! Another thing to do in the snow is to have snowball fights because who doesn’t like launching frozen projectiles at your friends and foes. If you find a hill that has enough snow on it, you can go sledding. Sledding is really fun but it’s a pain to drag the sleigh up the hill. Some people also try to build a snow fort, but you have to have a lot of snow for that to happen. Sure snow is fun but you still have to shovel the driveway so your cars can get out from the driveway. “Ummmmmmmmm my favorite thing to do in the snow is ummmmmm stepping in it, I guess.”says Gavin, a 7th grader.

Multiple christmas movies are shown during the holidays,but probably the most famous is The Grinch. One of the best ways to watch christmas movies is on freeform’s 25 days of christmas. 25 days of christmas shows a different christmas movie everyday! “My favorite christmas special is Home Alone.”says Ronald,a 7th grader.

There are loads of things to during winter break. But the question is, can you do them all?


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Winter Break