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The Perfect Opportunities

Delanee Breuer, EMS

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Electives are a great opportunity to learn what you are passionate about. Here at East Middle School we have 15 elective classes to choose from. But why exactly do we have more than core classes?

Electives are classes that you get to pick based on what your interests are. You get to chose 8 for the whole year, unless you’re in band or choir because those two electives are all year around. “We have electives so we aren’t just doing the same things.” says Sylvie. Most electives are every other day for 1 semester, but some electives like yearbook, theater, art, etc. are everyday for one semester. Sometimes you get put into electives you didn’t want, due to there being a lot of students in the school, and where the counselors think you would be strongest in.

Electives are important for various different types of reasons. They help us get a headstart on what we want to learn or take part in in the world. For example if you were super passionate about art or you know you want to be an artist when you get older, you could take the art elective. There are many different electives for all interests! Sylvie says, “Electives are more important than core classes because we use ELA and math everyday.”

At EMS we have 15 different electives to choose from including, Theater, Journalism/Yearbook, Experiencing music, Choir, FACS, PLTW design and modeling, PLTW energy and environment, PLTW app creators, Band, Spanish, French, PE, Lifetime sports and fitness, Art, and LEAP. They all have a seperate purpose, for example, LEAP is for students who are gifted and want to be pushed further. Journalism and yearbook is for students who are good writers and photographers. Which elective would you choose?

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The Perfect Opportunities