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Jocelyn Black, EMS

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         Everyone has been in drama, started it, been the victim of it, or have seen it happen. Drama can happen in many different ways. It can be started to hurt someone’s feelings, to show someone you like them, or to just be flat out mean.

         One type of drama that usually happens with girls is where someone is talking bad about someone behind someone else’s back. Some people say something bad about their outfit, say that they look ugly, or say that they like someone.

         But what do we even get out of drama? Why do we even go through all of the trouble to make someone feel bad? Well I read in an article and is states “They like the adrenaline, the cortisol, the rage, and the energy that it brings”.

         One reason people start drama is to get their mind off of their own life. They might have something bad going on in their life or they don’t have anything going on in their life and are just bored with themselves.

         Also Drama can give a person a feel of importance when they talk about people behind their back, or to show how they are better than the person just by making fun of their outfit showing that they have a better outfit.

         So how do you avoid drama? Well a few ways are to STOP GOSSIPING! Gossiping is one of the main ways to start drama, so, if you stop gossiping then no drama. Another way is to learn to say no. When one of your friends says that someones outfit is bad, all you have to do is just say no, because if you agree that means you are apart of the drama also.

         So did you learn anything from this article? Will you consider trying one of those methods, well I hope you do because if we could help reduce drama it would help our school society a lot.

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