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Emma Jones, EMS

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Should we have a Class President?What would they do?Who would do the job?These are all questions that will be asked and should be asked. Our school is always looking up to three school principals but what if we were asking three students instead of the adults.


Looking up to a student can be much more easier than an adult. I think this because talking to someone your own age may be easier than an adult because you and the President will possibly be going through the same thing because you are both kids. This would encourage students to speak up more and stick up for them and their friends as well as other people. It will also let the student know that they can give ideas to help improve our schools.


Qualifications will have to be set in place for the student who would be elected as Class President. This should happen because if the Class President misses a lot of school and is late to class and is not doing their homework, that would be someone you would not like to look up too. You would want to look up to someone who is kind, generous, is on time to classes, gets all of their work completed. This would be a great way to encourage students to complete their work and get it done because they see someone else doing it.Haleigh has said,”The should be able to take students input and be able to share it as well.”


Working together is a great thing and should be a skill. It will get many students to get to know new people and interact. The Class President’s would possibly work with the 8th the grade student leadership team, principals, and even students. We would all work together to create a wonderful learning environment.Caterina R thinks this would not overpower the 8th grade student leadership team which is a great group.


There should be duties that each Class President would have to fulfill. This would give them each a challenge and have them handle the responsibility. They could do simple duties including talk with a student each day and ask how their day was. They could also help students with their homework incase they need help. Each would do simple easy tasks.”It’s a hard job so I don’t know.”stated Haleigh G.


Having a Class President could help benefit students and teachers. Now here is a question should we have a Class President or not.Both Haleigh G and Caterina R think this would benefit all students.As well as having all grades be able to have one. What do you think about a class president.

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