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Elective Classes

Talia Jones, EMS

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First semester is about to end, which means losing and gaining classes. Schedules will change and there will be a possibility that you will go into the wrong class if you are not paying attention.

What are you doing for winter break? “I am going to stay home and celebrate Christmas at my house. For the new year I am going to go over to my neighbors house, like we usually do.” says Ava K. I am going to go to my grandma’s house and Christmas Eve and stay home on Christmas. For the new year I am going to go over to my aunt’s house with my sister and cousins and my parents are going to go over to their friends’ house.

What are your electives for this semester? Do you like them? Mine are choir, journalism, and Spanish. Out of these electives, I would recommend choir if you like to sing and read music, journalism if you like to write and come up with stories, and Spanish if you were interested in having a fun time learning another language. I would not recommend choir if you do not like to sing, journalism if you do not like to write, and Spanish if you are not interested and maybe like French better.

Do you know what your electives are for second semester? Mine are project lead the way: app creators, French, and family and consumer science. I have heard that all of the classes are fun. I am excited for them, as I love having new classes.

Have you switched out any of your classes for a different one? Or, do you want to switch any of them out? I want to switch out project lead the way: app creators because I want to do choir again. “I have not switched out any of my classes.” Ava K. says.

What other classes do you think the school should have? Why? I think that we should have more language classes because I am not as interested in Spanish and French as I am in other languages. I am also interested in graphic design so I think we should have a class that teaches graphic design.

There are many different opinions on electives this year. On person could think that we need less elective classes, and another could think that we need more. What’s your opinion on elective classes?

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Elective Classes