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  • December 77th and 8th Band Concert @ High School Auditorium 7:30 pm on the 7th of December

  • December 77th and 8th Choir Concert @ High School Auditorium 6 pm on the 7th of December

Dance till Ya Drop

Trey Doss, SMS

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Student Council (Stuco) planned the school dance to be on the 20th of October for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade. With the main dance floor in the gym and the Inflatable in the AUX gym, they decided to go with the theme of the “80’s.” Many kids were excited about this dance and had a very fun time dancing and hanging out with friends, but many other kids had the complete opposite idea.

“The dance was a stupid idea and I was only there for SLT.” stated Olivia Burton, the Stuco president. “I felt like the costumes and the whole 80’s theme was a cool idea. The concession stands did make quite a lot of money for the school doing it,” But then you have the other side of the argument. Lillain Horning, a Stuco member, feels like everyone in Stuco did a great job preparing for everyone and the dance. “The photo booth did cost a little much, we might have gotten more people if it was a bit cheaper.” Horning stated in an interview, “More decoration might have been nice, it felt a bit bland, but a lot of people did dance, which was the main expectation for the dance.”

But the sixth-grade dance was a slightly different story. The sixth grader had a more happier time compared to the 7th and 8th graders. “I had no problems with the dance, and I had a blast while doing it. The songs played were very good and I hope they do something like this again,” States Carter Richardson said. Sophia Clapp has the same outlook, saying, “The dance was really fun and Stuco did an amazing job!”

Elizabeth Rincon, a 7th grade ELA teacher, thought the 80’s theme was a great idea and the kids enjoyed it, “The main purpose of the dance was to give students somewhere to socialize with their friends they may not be close to.”

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Dance till Ya Drop