Volleyball Season

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Volleyball Season

Ava Kirkpatrick

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The Lady Wolves are more aggressive than ever this volleyball season, showing the schools that they can take them down, one by one. With South Middle School being new to the Ray-Pec District, the Ray-Pec Wolves really show their spirit and try their best at every game.

The A-team did great this season with Lauren Jermain and Rylee McKinzey as captains and the B team with their amazing plays with Jessie Phillips and Lisette Avila as their captains. The coaches, Jennifer Gunnels and Marriah Willis, watched the girls take on teams from all over the Kansas City area and improving during the seasons.  

The Lady Wolves’ first game was against Nowlin Middle School, in Independence, Missouri. The A team did a great job kicking off the season, winning 2-0. Sadly, the B team had a loss but fought hard, every play. Both teams kept on improving during practices after school. The players cheer the other players on while they are practicing. Lola Kirkpatrick, who played on the A-team said, “Volleyball made me realize that you need to have trust in people.” That’s exactly what the Lady Wolves have; trust.

After the game against Nowlin, they play against Ray-Pec’s old rival, Belton. It was the Lady winning their games 2-0. But the B team had a close game, sadly losing, but they went home ready to win the next one.

Of course, the wolves have had games in between, but this is what the Lady Wolves have been waiting for; East vs. South. It was a very intense game and everyone was on the edge of their seat, but both A team and B team had a loss with very close games.

With every game, the Lady Wolves are down, ready, and eager to hit every ball. On the A team, the most improved was Lola Kirkpatrick, who was amazing this season. The B team’s most improved was Chana Freeman, who just started playing volleyball this year and was outstanding in every game. Now, the Lady Wolf of the team or the best player on the volleyball team, was Lauren Jermain who was a great captain and cheered the team on during every game. The Lady Wolves will always be a great volleyball team and will go down in Ray-Pec history.

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