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Why no chromebooks for everyone?

Karley Sprankle, SMS

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Why do 6th and 7th grades get Chromebooks and 8th graders don’t? Do you think it’s fair? Well, 6th, 7th, and 8th graders think that it’s not fair, everyone should get a chance two have and use a Chromebook for school.

Sixth-grader Lily Thompson said, “I don’t think it’s fair because every kid needs to have that experience.” Even 6th graders can see that the way the school is doing thing aren’t fair. Lily thinks the school needs to raise the money or do whatever to make everyone have a Chromebook to work on.

Do you want world peace to happen? Do you think it will really happen, honestly? Well we can’t really make that happen but we can make every kid 6th grade and up have a Chromebook. A 7th-grade student named  Zach Nelson said, “Yes, Chromebooks do help kids learn, but if not every kid gets one, then that’s giving other kids a better chance than ones without Chromebooks.” If you really think about it, everything has a chain reaction and in this case it can affect kids learning.

Learning is why we go to school, right? So if we don’t get the right or fair learning then why go to school? Yes, life is not fair, a fair is where you go and ride rides but at school they should make our learning fair. A 8th grader named Max Gedzah thinks the school doesn’t care as he said this, “It hurts me to think that the school board thinks that the 6th and 7th graders are more important than the 8th graders.” Do you think it’s ok to have a kid feel that way?

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Why no chromebooks for everyone?