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Andrew Brokaw, SMS

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The world has many, many events going on around it.  In fact, there is so much news that sometimes people don’t even get to hear about it because they are busy looking at one big event.


First off, sports, and mainly the sports here in the USA.  There are many events going on as they come into this Fall.  The MLB postseason has been going on for some time now.  After fighting and tearing their way through October, the two remaining teams are the Dodgers and Astros.  Brayden Klinksick said, “I think the Astros will win the World Series this year.”  It will be an interesting series between two of the best teams in baseball. The postseason has been pretty exciting so far, and the Super Bowl is coming up quickly.  So far, for the AFC, the Chiefs, Patriots, and Steelers are neck and neck. They are playing as good as they possibly can.  In the NFC, the Eagles, Rams, and Vikings are fighting to be the best team.  Brayden Klinksick said,“The Chiefs are doing good this year, and I believe they can win the Super Bowl.”  For the NBA, it is too early to tell who is the best for sure.  Brayden Klinksick said, “I have a feeling the Cavs will win the Championship this year.”  Who knows what will be the outcome of the sports seasons?



Kids and teenagers are all about what they wear and watch, right?  Well, there are many different trends based on what people like and what style they are.  Most everyone could definitely argue over what the most popular one is.  People have their own favorite for everything.  Brayden Klinksick said, “For shoes, I really like Adidas Ultra Boosts.”  They are one of the most popular shoe teenagers are wearing.  There are so many new movies that are coming out that no one can really decide which one to see, or which one is their favorite. The movie, “IT” has been one of the most popular movies this year and lots of kids, adults, and teenagers have been talking about the movie “IT”.  Brayden Klinksick said “I really think “IT” is the center of attention and one of the best movies to come out recently.”



The US government and the other governments don’t always get along the best.  There are threats from the government that could get very serious and scary.  Austin Mathieu said, “The US is a threat to other governments and countries because we are more powerful than most everyone else.”  This could intimidate other governments and start a war.  There are a few things that we should be worried about from other countries.  He also claims “The main thing we should be worried about is the Nuclear Warfare,”  one of the main threats are North Korea because they are testing weapons that could be very harmful.



Schools can make lots of improvements in the eyes of students.  Austin Mathieu says, “I think the schools could do more to prevent bullying.”  There is a lot of bullying that is going on, and it should be stopped in schools everywhere.  You can start by including others that have been left out.  Even a smile could make someone’s day.  There are many helpful teachers around, and they will help with work and problems or bullying.  Austin said, “There are good teachers to help us there.  Also, as we get older, there are more and more people at the schools to meet.”  Just try to be as friendly as possible and think about how you would feel if you were in their place.

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