Views on 2016-2017 Trends

Maddie Young

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Most of the time we dread going to school in the morning, but everyone has the class(es) that are just plain fun. Some people’s best memories come from a class in school. “My algebra class during third block. We have fun and inside jokes,” Laney Killpack said about her class with the best memory. Memories will shape how we go about our days ,and teach us right from wrong in our lives.

There were good and bad sides of tends. Everyone has their own opinion on things that they enjoy or dislike. “Fidget Spinners,” Emily Clark said about one of her favorite trends from 2017. Although, the Ray-Pec School District is now requiring a doctor’s note for students to have fidgets.  There are many articles on the internet that show a larger vote for favorite trends.

Entertainment plays a huge role in life for many people. Common types of entertainment include television, books, music, and movies.  Everyone has their own style and opinion on what they like, “13 Reasons Why, it was informational, it gave me a lesson on how to treat people. Words really do hurt. I encourage all people to watch the show to see how words do affect people, it can drive drive them how to do unimaginable things,” Emma Gomez said about her favorite TV show.

There are multiple genres of music, with many styles. “21 Pilots, they are my favorite artists, I actually like their music,” Nicole Sheets stated. Music can help people focus, or express themselves. Music has changed over the years, each generation can share their favorites to the next generation.

Some trends are enjoyed less then others by different people. Adults seem to view some trends as a nuisance or just in the way. “The Andy’s Coming Challenge was really annoying,” Nicole Sheets said. Most of the time the trends aren’t allowed in a school or workplace environment.

Trends can become just plain unbelievable. Some things are unfathomable, “Onesies, because they are pajamas and it felt awkward seeing people wearing them in public,” Sage Buckley said; but we must remember that everyone has their own style and opinions.

People go a bit wild once in awhile, doing crazy things in public. Some of the crazes have proven to be dangerous; for example, the trust-fall challenge, the eraser challenge and, the clowns. “The clown trend scared me because it got to the point where people were getting physically hurt,” Sage Buckley stated. The clown trend went past the line when people started having to call the police because they were scared or harmed.

Society is a main factor to the way people make choices, and when society tells a person that they need to conform to everyone else the choices are shifted. “People should follow trends less because I think people should have their own style and love it,” Emma Gomez said.

In today’s world, there seem to be standards for how people look, how much money people have, or what they enjoy.”It depends on the trend, if it’s doing drugs then it’s bad. But if it is clothes then it is good.” Laney Killpack said. Some trends in society are positive and support self love and making a difference, but other trends are negative.

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