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Jobs. It is a big thing that every person takes a part in. Many people are going to start getting summer jobs in a few years, and some people might already know where they want to apply. Some people may be excited to get a job and earn money while others may be scared. There are so many different types of jobs, so people will have many different ideas for where they want to work. Getting a job may be stressful to some people which is why they might not want one. Lots of people may be interested in babysitting as a job because you only have to work for a few hours, and you also get to work with kids (if they like kids). That’s also the reason why some people may not want to babysit because they have to work with kids.

Some current 8th graders may know where they want to work and others may not. Ali Fielder said, “Hobby Lobby, because it pays real well and money is good.” Sydney Sampson and Hillary Elrod stated, “A lifeguard.” High schoolers can get jobs at a lot of different places. Many of the popular ones that you can get as a freshman are Price Chopper, Sonic, or working at the public pool, such as the Raintree one. Delaney Taylor said, “Either Price Chopper or Sonic.” Sage Buckley also said, “Price Chopper.” Abbegale Cordray stated, “Sonic.” Hayley Engelman said, “I would probably work at the gymnastics place.”

Since they are only 8th graders, some people may not be able to get a job yet. Delaney said, “I can probably get a job when I’m fifteen or sixteen I think.” Sage said, “Sixteen.” Ali stated,” January 21, 2019.” Some students at Ray-Pec East Middle School are old enough to get a job now. Hayley stated, “I could probably get a job now.” Summer jobs are when most students attending Ray-Pec could get a job. Hillary stated, “Not this summer because I am only going to be 14.” Kayla said, “Probably not I’m 14.”

Ray-Pec is an big school, so many people are going to be working jobs soon. Jobs are good for different reasons like making new friends, earning money, and having fun. Sydney stated, “A job would give me more spending money.” Some people are going to save their money while others will spend it. Hayley said, “I will save it.” Sydney also said, “I will go shopping and have fun.” Hillary stated, “I will save my money up for a car.” Julia Dorweiler said, “ Spend it. Buy clothes.” Abbegale stated, “I will save it.”

Babysitting is also a popular thing among teenagers to do as a job. Julia Dorweiler said, “Yea, I might babysit because I like children.” Kayla Cea also said that she is thinking about possibly babysitting. Babysitting can be a very difficult task if you are babysitting multiple little kids at once. Some people may not want to babysit because it can be too overwhelming if you don’t like kids that much. To get a babysitting job people, will walk around their neighborhood, and give out printed or handmade flyers with some background information and a number or email to contact the person. Kayla Cea stated, “ I am pretty good with little kids and that’s it.”

Emotions about getting a job can be mixed. Some people may be overly excited while others may think it is the worst thing ever invented. Julia said, “I feel good about getting a job.” Jobs can either be a fun or stressful time. It can be considered fun for some people because you will be earning money and, it will make you feel more independent. Sage stated, “I’m excited.” It may be stressful for others because you would have to get hired and have to work well with other people. Ali said, “I feel apathetic.” Some people may not feel either of those and just think a job is plain dumb. Abbegale said, “I think it is going to be stupid and a waste of my time.”

Some jobs are close to student’s houses to where they would be able to walk while other job ideas may be farther away and they would need to get a ride from someone. Delaney Taylor stated, “Yea the job I’m thinking about is close to my house.” Sage said, “Uhh yes it’s close to my house.” Most jobs students at Ray-Pec would be getting will be close to their house, just maybe not walking distance. Ali stated, “Yea.” Some students ideas for a job may be farther away, than others. Hayley said, “It is like fifteen minutes from my house.”

College is a very important time to think about what jobs you might want to have as a career. Some people haven’t thought about it or just don’t know. Julia said, “I don’t know.” On the other hand, some people have actually thought about what career they may want to head towards. Kayla stated, “Yes I actually have, a job in the medical field or maybe an interior designer.” Hayley said, “A student teacher if that’s even a thing.”

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