The 2017 50’s Cafe

Olivia Espino

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Middle and high school dances have been going on since the beginning of time. School dances give you a moment to spend time with friends outside of having to focus on school work the entire time. They are meant to be a fun and safe place for peers to get together and have a good time without the worries of homework assignments flooding their mind.

School dances initially originated in the Northeast during the late 1800’s. To begin with, dances were supposed to be a place where students could gather and be taught formal manners. They were originally only held in colleges, but parents and teachers thought it would be improving to a young person’s morals to be taught manners at a younger age. Even ever since the 1800’s, school dances have been an event that the entire student body looks forward to. Whether they are attending to be taught about manners like in the 1800’s or attending just to have a fun time with their peers, students genuinely look forward to these events.

Nearly every dance you go to, whether informal or formal, there is almost always a theme. “My favorite theme for the dances so far was the masquerade because I won a pair of light up glasses in the raffle drawing, but I do like the theme of the eighth grade dance this year because it is creative.” Holly Abbate vocalized about the Ray-Pec East Middle School dances. Regardless, themes are very beneficial to dances because they help the planning committee base what they buy for them off of the theme. Themes also help make the decision for students on whether they want to come or not, so themes that will catch the attention of students will make them more popular. “Yes I like the dance theme this year because I came up with it. I am apart of SLT and we are the ones that make and plan the dances but I feel like the organization of the dance could have been better, not only with this dance but all of them in my middle school career.” Julia Dorweiler pronounces. There is definitely a lot of work that goes into these dances and the timing and planning of them have to be just right in order for it to come together smoothly.

Although middle school dances aren’t nearly as put together or formal as high school dances, they are still exciting to go to when you have a group of friends to go with. In contrast, for some reason there seems to be a growing unpopularity for middle school dances. A major factor in the disfavor of school dances has to due with the fact that it is ¨socially uncool” to attend them. The majority of students actually have an interest in them, but don’t want their friends to make them feel bad for being interested in school dances. Another negative associated with middle school dances is how unprepared the planning is for them. When people do attend dances, the number one thing they don’t like is the decorations for them. They think more could be added  into the decor so the theme is more obvious.

Usually w hat people wear to school dances depends on whether or not the dance is formal or informal. For example, the type of clothes you would wear to a formal dance, such as Junior and Senior Proms, would be tuxedos for the guys and the girls usually wear long, colorful dresses that usually match the guys’ tuxedo. In opposition, middle school dances are entirely different. ¨I would wear khakis and a polo, so basically Jake from State Farm.” Kevin Oliver indicated. The ¨Jake from State Farm¨ look is usually the standard when it comes to the attire for boys. In similarity, the attire for girls is about the same as the boys’ attire. ¨Middle school dances are casual so I just wear jeans and a t shirt  and maybe a cute dress or romper if I am feeling extra.¨ Julia Dorweiler says.

Students who are attending the ’2017 50’s Cafe’ themed dance for the eighth graders are all looking forward to one thing, friends. School dances are a fun place for friends to get together and hang out. Students spend time chatting, dancing and enjoying food with one another. “I go to the dances with my friends and it’s always fun because there is lots of food.” Dorweiler admitted. The planning committee also normally sets up fun games where the students can win miscellaneous prizes by either entering a raffle drawing or completing a task. The dances are always a really fun social event that students can go to throughout the school year where they know they will be safe and worry free.

The last dance of the school year is always dedicated to eighth graders alone because it is one last get together before they are on their way to high school. Eighth graders are always so anxious about getting to high school because they don’t know what the road ahead has in store for them. On the other hand, the final dance is one last chance students have to spend time together during their middle school career before they have to go back to reality.       

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