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Freshmen year is coming fast and so are people’s birthdays turning fifteen. Meaning, they will be learning how to drive and well it can be nerve racking. Trying not to run into people’s mailboxes; yes it can happen you’d be surprised; driving on the right side of the road because we live in America and don’t live in Europe, and going the speed limit the list is practically endless.So what are the students at RPEMS middle school thoughts on driving?
First Driving can be scary at first because you have to remember so many things while driving and well you can’t just doze off and listen to music and look out your window. “Spilling something while driving; it’s a nice car.” Spilling something while driving in your car would suck especially if it’s hot and spills on you.” Getting into a crash and running someone over.” That would not be fun if you got in a car crash and it will definitely hurt you because well that would make your parents very afraid of your driving and focusing sometimes can be hard because you can get really deep into thought so always make sure that doesn’t happen so you don’t hit an animal. “Car accident; dying”. So those are some of the things that your fellow peers fear about driving, so if you also have some of those fears, you’re not alone and don’t worry just remember to always be alert.
Second how good you are at driving is important too. First so you aren’t one of those crazy drivers on the road that doesn’t listen to the road signs . Second so people trust you as driver and Third so you won’t get pulled over a lot. “Oh I will be a natural;it looks easy;it’s kinda like Mario Kart”.Yes that can be true just be sure to drive the speed limit and not drift on all the turns on the road and bump into people and throw things at their car to make them crash and fall off a cliff. “Yes because I’m good at driving a Go Kart”. Driving can be like driving golf cars and Go karts just have fun because it’s just like that ;just a little more hectic. “No I’m very clumsy and mess up a lot”. Not all of us are good at everything but people learn from their mistakes so it’s important to make them.
Next When first driving you only have your permit so that means your parents are there watching everything you do and freak out over the tiniest mistake, but they may also help you in the long run through your driving experience. “Scared out of their minds.”
“Nervous wreck ; tell me to either slow down or be careful.”
“My dad will yell because I will suck and my mom will be very supportive”.Your parents are going to probably freak out a lot because let’s face it there just not ready to not be the ones driving.They also may worry because sometimes imagining people driving can be scary even just thinking it.
Finally actually driving for the first few times.Driving a car will most definitely be nerve-racking because you don’t want to die and the car pedals are really sensitive, so it makes it easy to speed and forget to look at the speedometer, so there is a lot to do while driving. Lihla said “Alternating lanes, and driving off cliffs” is one of the things she’s worried about messing up on while driving.Sammie said, “reversing and it being in drive and crashing into my house and either getting a ticket” that’s whats she is worried about messing up on. Vivian said that what makes her nervous about driving is messing up on “ not paying attention and going through a red light.” Those are some things your fellow RPEMS peers said about driving.

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