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2K17 Track and Field

Madie Young

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Running track is a good way to stay fit and healthy. In the 2017 Track and Field season, the team’s roster has about 200 students. This year’s team is one of the largest in recent years. Dedication is a large factor in becoming an effective part of the team. “[I do track] because I enjoy running… [effort] is very important if you want to go to meets and get better,” Chloe Adams stated.

Practices are made for a participant in a sport to practice and find out what they are best at, and what they need to work on. “Practices are crucial; you have to practice to make progress. I don’t believe in perfection,” Laney Killpack said. Going to practices can help you achieve your goals, “I’ve gotten better at running… I want to beat my sister’s record,” Shelby Patterson said as one of her goals for the track season. Throughout the season practices will become more difficult, helping to condition the runners to prepare them for competing in meets.

Events vary from person to person. Depending on what you like and are good at. “You pick events based on what you are good at, play to your strong suits,” Laney Killpack said. For example, if a person runs long distance, then that person wouldn’t sign up for sprints because that isn’t what they are best at. Field events include jumping, shot put and discus; which involve throwing shaped weights.

Being eligible for meets takes practice and effort. Most meets will be invitationals, which means that only the top 3 for the event will compete. Being in the top 3 for your school means that you not only have to compete with your schoolmates, this also means that you are always competing with yourself, to beat your record.

The coaches are the people who construct practices, give advice, give criticism, prepare runners for meets, and hold the team together as one. “The coaches push us to do better in practice… push me so that when it’s time for a meet I’m prepared to run my best” Jace Dye said. Coaches control the workouts for practices, what meets the team attends, and many other jobs.

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2K17 Track and Field