Fashion at RPEMS

Isabela Torres

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Fashion. It’s such a big part of allowing people to express how they feel and to show who they are as a person. It is constantly advertised on social media and shown in magazines, television shows, and movies. It comes in several different styles, including bohemian, preppy, urban, chic, sporty, casual, classic, grunge, or just plain-out trendy. The way someone dresses gives others a first impression that can have a lasting effect and usually attracts their “tribe”, due to the fact that each person adds their own unique style to the way they dress. The students at Ray-Pec East Middle School definitely have an opinion on preferred stores, trends, and how the way people dress can play a role in their life.

To start with the basics, stores play a huge part in providing the clothing that is available for the students at RPEMS to choose from. Several students at RPEMS would agree that their favorite store to look at/buy their clothing from is American Eagle. Even just looking around the school, most people would be able to recognize that AE is definitely a favorite of most girls and even several boys. When asked what their favorite store was, Sydney Sampson simply responded to the question with “American Eagle.” Kayla Cea responded with “American Eagle’s pretty cute,” and Maegan Norton replied, “American Eagle…even though I don’t have anything from there, but everything’s so cute.” Although they all agreed that American Eagle is a very aesthetically pleasing store, they also agreed that it was just a bit pricey. Choosing a favorite store wasn’t easy though. When asked what they look for in a store, Claire said, “Ooh, I look at color,” while Maegan blatantly replied, “Cuteness.” Kayla Cea explained that she likes specific stores that fit her well, while simultaneously having reasonable prices.

Although not completely obvious, everybody has their own unique and preferred style. Style comes in several different ways and can be used as a general description of the way someone dresses. At RPEMS, many people choose to dress casual and relaxed in order to feel comfortable while at school. Three of the girls said that they’re favorite part of their outfit was their shoes. They also explained that they’re go-to outfits were leggings or jeans with a t-shirt, and occasionally a hoodie or cardigan. Even though their styles are the way they are today, they haven’t always been that way. Not only did they mature as they got older, but so did their clothing choices. When asked how their style has changed, Maegan said that she still doesn’t care (referring to the way she dresses), Kayla replied with, “I used to wear Justice,” and Claire simply explained, “I got smarter.” She also added, “I HATE animal prints.”

Of course, a huge part of current fashion are the trends. Most people know what a trend is, and they’re basically what’s popular during present-day. Every once in a while, a celebrity will be shown wearing something, which plays a huge role in deciding what becomes trendy. Other times, trends are just fashion pieces that most people have the ability to buy, making it easy to become more well-known. When asked what her favorite current fashion trend was, Kayla replied with, “I’m going to have to say like a cardigan of sorts. A big, like, cardigan or an over-sized cardigan…or an over-sized sweater.” Sydney said her favorite trend were Uggs and Claire said her favorite trend were the so-called Jesus sandals, Birkenstocks, although everybody has their own opinion on them. Maegan said her favorite trends were bralettes and scrunchies, which a huge number of girls at the school have. Even so, there are trends that are just too trendy and according to the girls, that includes practically anything from PINK or AE, leggings, Converse, Uggs, ripped jeans, and over-sized t-shirts.

Fashion goes way deeper than just the way people dress. All four girls agreed that fashion plays a role in  first impressions and being able to express themselves. Kayla backed that up by saying, “Because how you come out to someone, like if you dress sloppily or haven’t showered in five days, then the person will think ill of you.” But, they all have different opinions on their favorite aspect of fashion. Some people would say their favorite is being able to show how they feel through the way they dress, while others would say their favorite part about fashion is how it’s always changing. There are also a few different things that go through people’s minds when deciding what to wear for the day. Most people take into account what their day’s “festivities” are going to be, what the weather will be like, and whether they want to feel comfortable or step outside of their comfort zone.

Overall, fashion is a part of everyone’s lives, whether it be a minor part or a major part. Everybody’s style is unique and helps express who they are. Fashion will continue to change over the years and new trends will appear at the middle school. Maybe some will even move on to the high school with the current eighth graders. Other trends will be left in the past, but that’s just how fashion works.

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