Students high school thoughts

Makenzie King

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People’s thoughts on their experience at the new high school. What and why are they nervous? And what they are worried/excited about. Jaci Stratton said that she was nervous because she doesn’t want to get lost and be late for everything. Stratton also thinks the drama will be “so much worse than it is now because everyone has more opportunities to do stupid things.” Stratton also thinks it’s going to be weird being in the school with the upperclassmen because she isn’t completely ready for high school.

Ashley McGinn also says that she likes that we won’t have to travel between the schools, but McGinn is worried that she will get lost in the newer half of the building although there will most likely be someone there to help find you way around the new building. McGinn thinks that it’s going to be wired being in the same school as the upperclassmen just because they are the older high schoolers. McGinn is somewhat worried about all of her advanced classes she signed up for. McGinn is worried about the drama in the high school because everyone has more opportunities to do stupid things, for example, people have cars, and some have jobs. McGinn is kind of worried about the stuff some people might try to pull.

AJ Preater thinks that the building looks way better than it did, and he is looking forward to not having to travel between buildings now that they are all in one building. Preater is nervous and worried about the new high school because there are new people in a new place, Preater thinks he will get lost going to almost every class. Preater although worried about finding his way through the school is excited about theater because that’s when you can put on a mask for a while and focus on who/whatever he’s playing as. Preater thinks being with the upperclassmen will be weird, but, being in theater might make it a little easier to make friends and fit into a new school with new people.

Nevada Lesley thinks the school will be more efficient being all in one building as it will be easier to keep track of all the students in the school because nobody is traveling from building to building. Lesley is excited about band, Lesley can’t wait to try out for some of the higher level band classes. Lesley is also excited for the new band room and her extracurricular activities like possibly trying out for marching band in the spring. Lesley thinks that it will take getting some used to knowing you are in high school, Lesley can’t believe she is about to be in high school in just a few short months. Lesley although excited for high school is worried about the drama for our age group. Lesley thinks there is way too much already and then just think about our drama and mix it with the high school drama.

Atzeri Dominguez thinks that not having to travel between each building will be nice because we won’t have to walk through all the weather we get. Dominguez knows from what she has seen from the high schools what they are building on now looks way more modern than what it did. Dominguez is kind of worried for high school because she won’t know a lot of people there, but she is excited for elements of art because she loves to draw and make art. Dominguez although excited for one class is worried about not knowing a lot of people and the up and coming amount of drama high school students will bring because there are more opportunities to do stupid things, but all in all everyone is excited and nervous about similar things.

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