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Taylor Ronk

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School sports

Sports are fun to play and help a lot of people. Just take it from my friend Caiden Hennessey. He does wrestling, baseball, and track. He said, “it helps him relieve stress, and it’s fun.” He’s been playing baseball for almost ten years. Caiden got into playing baseball because he was watching baseball on tv all the time. Caiden has also played hockey.

Chiara Berry has also played softball for around ten years. She loves playing softball because she said, “it’s fun, and it feels like making a second family.” She is on a competitive softball team with Shelby Patterson, and they are called “The Lady Crushers.” One time she was sliding into home plate and twisted her ankle. She loves softball but has also done dance. She said she wasn’t good at it.

Jazmin Lamberts does track and cross country. She does these sports for fun. This is the first year for her playing these sports. She runs for RPEMS. Because this is her first year, she hasn’t gotten an injury yet. She runs because “it relieves stress,” she said.

Another person that does track is Mya Scales. She has done track, volleyball, and swimming. She told me she loves them all, but she has the most fun running track. She runs track for RPEMS too. She does swimming for fun, so she isn’t on a swim team, same with volleyball.   People love doing the things they do, which happen to be sports.

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