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raven johnson

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Gymnastics is an incredible sport it takes muscle, strength, and time. Gymnastics is not just people tumbling around on the ground, it’s way more. In gymnastics, there’s vault, bars, floor, and beam. The floor is my favorite you have to tumble and dance, but it’s way more complicated than that, you have to know when to know when to take the right steps and to make sure you smile the whole time. You have to always praise the judges when you’re finishing a pass. It’s hard remembering your whole routine, so practice is key.

Then there are bars, on bars, it’s all about strengths and a clean routine. You need to watch your feet the whole time and show no weakness. If you do you get points counted off, you never want to go limp. Straight tight body all the way through. When you get to your dismount, make sure all your weight streets equally through your whole body, and land it and praise with big smiles.

On beam you need to have full focus, if you lose focus for a split second you could fall right off, and that gets your points taken away, and you don’t want that. Make sure at the beginning of your performance you now the minute you touch your beam your time starts. Look at the beam the whole time nothing else. And big smiles and praise. Erica Link said “ I fell off once and hit my foot and broke it. I was on level 6. And this was my favorite event.”

On vault, you start with your beautiful, strong run and give it your all and then jump on the horse and do your dismount and make sure you laid it. This was Kylie Herndon’s favorite event. She said “ I’ve placed first a lot, and I go to mega and Toby is my coach”

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