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PE and Sports can change your attitude

Sammy Como

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If you have ever searched anything up on Google, Google usually gives a definition of the word you are searching up. Some people do not understand the word attitude as well as we think. So I searched on Google what attitude meant, and it said, “a settled way of thinking or feeling about someone or something, typically one that is reflected in a person’s behavior.” Basically, attitude is what people feel after someone does something. A lot of people think PE or Sports just improves your health, but it also improves your attitude. So when people complain about PE or Sports, tell them that it improves your attitude the next time you see them.

Everyone in our school does at least one semester of PE every other day. Bella Castillo got asked what her attitude is after PE; she said, “My attitude changes after PE because sometimes I get competitive, so this changes my attitude. And sometimes I get tired, and this changes my attitude to a bad mood. But after PE, my attitude does not affect the rest of my day.” Abby Baker-Wise got asked what her attitude is after PE and she said, “My attitude is usually terrible. I do not like PE, so after PE, I am in a bad mood.” Every person is different, some are in a good mood, or some are in a bad mood, just depends on who you are.

Doing things outside of school are different from doing it inside a school. So doing sports outside of school can also change your attitude then just doing that sport in PE. Alisan Hoffman plays soccer, and she said, “Sometimes my attitude does change after sports. Like when I loose a soccer game that my team should have won. Or when I win a game, I get really happy. This affects the rest of my day.” Sometimes doing sports can make the rest of the day go bad or go well.

Students attitude after PE or Sports are not the only people whose attitude could change. Coaches attitude could change also.  Coach Dimarco said, “Sometimes the girls get too chatty, which is a good thing, since they are getting along, but can be frustrating when the coach would like more focus on the girls, but they work so hard and to see the finished routine makes them happy. Stunts are very hard, and when these girls hit their stunts, you can see pure joy in their face.” 

Track coach Mrs. Mitchel (Piontek), said, “Personally, working out gets me in a good mood after coaching. But when kids are not listening or following directions, that can get me in a bad mood.”

Going around the school interviewing people is not the most efficient way to see why attitude changes after PE and Sports. So I went to, and they said that “Working out increases our endorphin and has proven effects on putting us in a better mood. Just 30-60 minutes of exercise a day can make you a happier person. Being outside and appreciating the beauty all around us helps to make us happier and grateful. Exercise can help us clear our mind of everyday stressors. Sweating it out and listening to good music helps to make your workout more enjoyable” ( 1). I have also looked at other websites, and they basically said the same thing. So, it is important to have PE or Sports in our life because it helps us relive stress, gets us in a better mood, helps us with our health, and PE and Sports are enjoyable most of the time.


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PE and Sports can change your attitude