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What Is Basketball All About?

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What is basketball all about? Well to start we have to talk about positions and what they all do.  First, we have the center, this person is usually the tallest and is closest to the net for rebounds. Then we have the power forward, usually the next tallest person and is placed towards the center, and they have a little more speed. Also the small forward, they play like the center and power forward but also have to be able to guard.

The shooting guard is the person who is most likely the smallest and they have to be able to dribble fast and passing. Also, they are the one to set up offense plays and getting the ball down the court. Last, there is the point guard, they have to be the best passer and dribbler because they have the ball a lot and they need to be good at shooting long distances. Weston Ropp’s answer to what position was his personal favorite and he stated, “ Power forward because you get the ball a lot.”

Some people wonder if basketball is hard to play in games or just hard to play in general.  Alesia Wallace answered how people could learn how to play basketball she responded, “Trying to practice yourself at your house, or get on a team and learn that way.” Also to answer the other question of whether or not it’s hard to play in a game? Alesia Wallace stated, “It’s fun but hard because most of the time it’s a contact sport.”

What is it like to play basketball? That’s a good question and well, I have an answer Dominic Harris stated, “It’s very fun and exciting but sometimes really hard.” Basketball is a hard sport because you’re always going up and down the quart trying to shoot and steal the ball away from people. In conclusion, basketball may not be as easy as certain people make it look.

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What Is Basketball All About?