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RPEMS Wrestling

Jimmy Rosevear

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Wrestling season has officially started, and the first event was November 21. These events take place at our school and others. The events are set up with more than one school coming to the events, and you wrestle the other schools. They wrestle on mats which are spread out across the whole gym floor.

There are illegal things you can do in wrestling that gives you penalties. If you grab clothing while in a wrestling match, that is counted illegal. A full nelson is an example of an illegal move, and stalling is also counted. Illegal moves are to keep wrestlers safe, so no one gets seriously injured.

In wrestling, you have to practice just like any other sport. Here at RPEMS the wrestlers run for 10 minutes, do basic stretches like karaokes, bear crawls, wrestle each other, practice stances, queen B, and go through stances. Practice gets them ready for each match, so they know what they are doing in an actual match.

When wrestling, the players have to wrestle people who are in the same weight class that they are.  Weight classes also make sure “no one gets crushed” according to Abbegale Cordray. The weight classes are 90-100 100-115 115-130, and gradually go up to heavyweight.

Each meet can last a different amount of time, depending on how many schools are at the event and how long each match takes. An average is about 2-3 hours a meet. There are three periods in a match, each lasting a minute and there is overtime in case there is a tie. They want to give each player the perfect time to dominate their opponent.

Each match starts off the same way; both wrestlers are standing, and the ref is beside them. The opponents shake hands then they get into their stance. Once the ref blows the whistle, the wrestlers are okay to start wrestling. 

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